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The Project

In the modern world, data is everything. A business lives and adapts according to what is known.

With a COVID world being the new normal, customer engagement has become even harder.
Everything is going digital, traditional market research techniques are aging and slow.
Customers are becoming more difficult to reach despite an ever-increasingly connected world.

PollPeter is the fully POPIA compliant solution.

This is PollPeter
With a focus on live feedback from consumer to business, as well as custom integrations into your existing business workflows, PollPeter is here to ensure your business can make the right decisions with the right data at the right time. We're able to reach your customers through a variety of platforms from traditional SMS and email to integrations with your company WhatsApp and Facebook, let us help you understand your markets.
The details

What PollPeter can do.

available on SMS, Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Web, App.
offers reward schemes such as vouchers, airtime, etc.
integrates with Point of Sales, Call Centre Software, or other existing systems in the business.
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