How we work

How we work


ConsultSafe implements a
5-step cycle for our software development process.

05 Steps

The cycle continues to evolve which is needed for every upgrade and modification. It is part of our guarantee of standards and stability.

We are happy and equipped to enter a client’s project at any stage of the cycle, even if one does not exist, and continue to maintain and adapt to ensure a consistent, clear, and confident delivery cycle.

We will analyse your needs and design, test and develop software to meet your specific business need ensuring a more efficient and effective delivery of data or service. We can also recommend software upgrades on your current systems.

01. Planning
This is by and far the most critical step with each of our client's. ConsultSafe will collaborate with the client throughout every step of the consideration and exploration phase. Collating a knowledge base of the client’s needs and domain, considering risks, constructing mitigation strategies, crafting prototypes, creating performance indices, and certifying the final agreed upon project specifications, are a few of the steps which ConsultSafe uses to ensure the best experience for each of our clients. A central knowledge base of information is critical to the success of any project. All our understandings, specifications, findings, and prototypes will be stored in a central place. It is crucial that both the client and ConsultSafe have a clear understanding at any stage of the project. By identifying the risks and mitigation strategies, we can ensure that the project is on-track and achieves the target we expect it to. This leads into the prototyping phase, where ConsultSafe will develop basic prototypes to ensure that both parties share the same vision, and that the purpose of the project is clearly understood. Our next step is developing performance indices, which allow clarity into the consistency of development, as well as to how well the project has been performed, and if the risk mitigation strategies need to be adjusted. Finally, as a last step, once all the necessary due diligence has been taken, ConsultSafe will draft a project proposal to ensure a thorough and well understood software process. Once the proposal has been agreed to and signed off, ConsultSafe moves to the next stage.
02. Implementation
This is one of the areas where ConsultSafe’s full suite of talent will come to shine. Our team of architects, developers and designers will take the project specification and begin building towards the vision. While fleshing out the prototypes with functionality, our team will provide frequent feedback to the client by means of sample discussions and a demo environment for the client to test recently developed features. Client's can make live comments and strategic adjustments at every step of the implementation phase. As a surety to our client's, ConsultSafe will ensure a full continuous integration and testing procedure is carried out at every milestone and change. This ensures that the platform is properly secured and tested from the beginning, meeting the targets expected, and the entire system will behave accordingly. On satisfactory completion of this phase the software needs to be put to the test.
03. Testing
Once our team has fully built the vision of what the client expects, it enters an extremely intensive testing phase. Continuing the foundation of our implementation phase testing, this phase will consist of expanding our existing automated testing coverage to ensure that every possibility is considered. We specifically involve actual humans and quality assurance personnel, so that not only is it appealing and understandable from feedback, but also that all cases are considered, and the end users will experience a bug-free and productive experience. Our team will provide a full and extensive report of every scenario tested and the confirmations that the functionality is operating as expected. The testing phase is signed off by both parties to indicate satisfaction.
04. Launch
The big day is here. ConsultSafe’s team of system administrators and operators will be on high alert as the project goes live. A careful coordination and deployment strategy with our client's onto the provisioned infrastructure will take place. This will be followed by a final test run by our Quality Assurance personnel before we give the final sign off that everything is stable.
05. Maintenance
Maintenance is critical to everything. With all of our precautions taken and controls implemented, our team is vigilant as we monitor the post-launch period. This allows us to validate the performance indices, ensure any issues are resolved with urgency, and draw insights from the usage of the platform. As a value-add, ConsultSafe can continue to perform routine maintenance, performance monitoring and vital security updates to ensure that the platform remains up to date, fast and continues to keep your data confidential.

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Lifecycle of software development.

Risk identification
Resources allocation
Specifications & timelines
Analysis & design
Performance indicators
Strategic adjustments
Continuous integration
Unit & feature tests
End to end tests
Physical operator tests
Training manuals
Live comprehensive monitoring
Validate performance indicies
Bug fixing
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